From screenings on the side of a truck to television sets underneath a tree, FilmAid finds innovative ways to reach communities in need.

We started with mobile cinema and now incorporate multiple methods of community outreach.

Methods include:

Mobile Cinema

Whether it is a life-saving informational video on cholera or a Charlie Chaplin masterpiece, we believe that films can change lives. With giant screens attached to the side of trucks, or a television set up under a tree, FilmAid’s Mobile Cinemas bring the power of film to the people who need it most.


Facilitated community workshops use FilmAid content as a catalyst for community engagement and dialogue around critical issues. 


SMS outreach delivers targeted information and provides the ability for audience feedback.

Digital Media

Online and social media provides both a channel of communication and mechanism for dialogue with our beneficiary communities.


Mass media broadcast ensures wide reach of FilmAid’s content.

Film Festival

FilmAid’s Film Festival is an annual celebration of social impact films by international filmmakers and FilmAid-trained refugee and host community filmmakers.

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